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1000 Years of Sheep in Shetland by Dr. Stefan Adalsteinsson

A little of sheep farming in the Faroe Islands by Gudmund K. H. Niclasen

“Seyðalitir” (Sheep colours) by Gudmund K. H. Niclasen
“Seyðalitir” is a remarkable website showing all the colours and markings of the Faroe Islands Sheep. The language is Faroese, but will be translated to English during the year.

Sheep-Isle has visited the Faeroe Islands

North Ronaldsay Native Sheep at the edge of the Ocean
A Shepherds visit to North Ronaldsay, in the Orkneys, March 2006
By Berit Kiilerich

So much better than burning the skins by Veronika Seim Bech NEW