Seasons Greetings 2004

The flock on Sheep-Isle and the shepherd, send all the best wishes to
all flocks of the Old Nordic Native Sheep,
in the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea, wishing you a


 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


This picture was taken by Björn Hjernquist, Lilla Karlsö, Sweden.
Ole Sander is at the controls of Piber PA-28 OY-BCB at 150 feet ASL, this late September afternoon 2004.


Last year our special wishes went to North Ronaldsay
and the amazing native sheep on that isle.

This year our special wishes goes to the Gute Sheep flock on
Lilla Karlsö, Gotland, Sweden.

 We hope You will be back on the isle, through all the year,
as you were up to early seventies, because we know, you are
still carrying outstanding landrace
qualitiesqualities, which
are lost in modern sheep managements.



Gute Sheep tups on Lilla Karlsö.   

Photo.: Björn Hjernquist