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The results from your search will depend on which language you use. If you, for example, search for the word “scrapie,” English, articles will appear, while searching for the Norwegian word “skrapesyke” will give you articles in Norwegian.


Most of the articles written in one of the Scandinavian languages will be translated into English. For those articles that are only of special interest to Norwegian conditions, a English summary will be made.

English articles will normally not be translated, but a summary will be made in Norwegian.

Since most of those visiting these pages are from Norway, Norwegian will be the dominant Scandinavian language. 

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When possible, Sheep-Isle will try to give all information about copyright, permissions etc.


Authors that have a special interest in the Short-Tailed breeds write most of the articles. If you want to write an article, please send us an e-mail. Sheep-Isle especially lacks information about meat and wool.


There is a Scandinavian and an English list of links. Please, let us know if relevant links are missing at the lists!



Sheep-Isle cooperates with The Norwegian Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders and with The Norwegian Museum of Agriculture to reveal as much information as possible about the short-tailed breeds, and of course especially the Norwegian varieties.   



Outbreaks of the disease scrapie would be a catastrophe to smaller populations (for example the Old Spælsheep, the North Ronaldsay etc). Sheep-Isle tries to, through relevant links, give information about this disease. It is also our aim to get veterinarian expertise to write especially about scrapie and short-tailed breeds.


Announcements of meetings etc.

Conferences, meetings etc., for example the “Shetland Sheep 2000 Conference or “Skipingsmøte for Gamal Norsk Speelsau” can be announced here. Send an e-mail!