International Links to the Nordic short-tailed Sheep Breeds.

1 Old  Norwegian Sheep 
(Feral Sheep)
2 Scandinavian  dual-coated sheep


Rare Breeds Survival Trust 
4 Primitive Sheep, events and issues, an International Forum

Southern Oregon Soya Sheep Farms
History of Soya Sheep
6 Soay Sheep

Oklahoma State University Sheep Breeds.
Short introduction to all breeds incl. Northern Short-tailed.
8 The Gute Sheep Society, Sweden
9 Agricultural Association of South Iceland 
10 Exempting Primitive Sheep from the National Scrapie Plan. 
11 National Scrapie Plan for Great Britain
12 10United States Department of Agriculture (Scrapie)
13 Scottish Agricultural College Scrapie Prevention and Control 
14 Scottish Agricultural College Scrapie Genotyping
15 Bob Wagner - USA The Genetics of Scrapie - Part 1
The Genetics of Scrapie - Part 2
16 Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America
17 The Nordic Gene Bank Farm Animals (HGH)
18 Rogue Icelandic Farm - USA
19 Hebridean Sheep
20 European Heathlands
21 4Colored Finnsheep in Finland

Scandinavian Links