Last sortie 2001, dec. 17

Operational data:

Weather forecast for Kattegat dec 17:
In the morning, north easterly winds,
4 8 knots.
Tide: Southbound 1-2 knots.
Overcast. Temperatures around 0 C
In the afternoon, winds increases to 12 16
Knots. Tide: Northbound, 2-3 knots.

Take off at 8.15 a.m.
ETA Sheep-Isle 11.oo a.m.
ETE with sails: 2-3 hours
Distance: 6.6o nautical miles.
Heading 172,
homeward  352

Luminous stripes from the survival kit 
gleam in the early morning  
when leaving the Mainland

The flock is observed on the beach when
turning starboard into the leeward coast of Sheep-Isle.

Striking sails and landfall.  

One of the young tups deeply occupied  grazing
Seaweeds a ewe apparantly waiting - -

Lamb of the year: Colour genetic: B+Bb,AaAg
 Background: Sheep-Isle classic

On the port side the flock is still on the beach
when turning the stem into tre open sea.
Homeward on motor in
choppy  seas.

4.15 p.m. With this late-afternoon picture the flock and Sheep-Isle would like to wish all visitors on Sheep-Isle a

merry Christmas and happy New Year

ED 932 is a wodden 16 feet sailing-boat. 
Dispite her size she is well addapted to open seas.

The  number in the sail is in remembrance of Wingcommander in Royal Air Force, Guy Gibson VC, DSO, DFC who voluntarily and in spite of heavy odds flew Lancaster ED 932 in operation "Chastise". For this gallant sortie Guy Gibson was awarded the VC.