Sheep-Isle has visited the

Faeroe Islands


From April 20 to April 25 we visited the Faeroes and would like to send warm thanks to all people we met and all who turned this short visit into an unforgettable stay.


Gudmund Niclasen and wife Anne Lise

Gunnar Bjarnason

Absalon Hansen

Nicoline Beder

Malan á Lofti, Fashion Show in Thorshavn

Bjørn Patursson and wife Lukka

Bjørn Harlou

Bardur Østerø and wife Maud

Jógvan Magnussen












One special “Thank you” goes to Jónheðin H. Tróndheim and his wife Irena. They “bore the brunt”. Without Jonheðin our stay could have taken at least a couple of weeks – which would not have been a bad thing, really, because the Faeroes invites to staying indefinitely!

Among 600 pictures mostly of sheep, we have chosen nr. 1 calling it:


Faeroe Sheep Classic

This ewe is from Kirkjubøur, the place from where Stefan Adalsteinsson in 1978 wrote his classic scientific work: “Frequency of color genes in the Faeroe Island Sheep”

At a fashion show on June 9 at the Faeroe Islands Representation, North Atlantic House, Copenhagen, the designer, Malan á Lofti, will show the exceptional variation in the colour genes of the Faeroe Island Sheep.

In her hands, all these colour genes are transformed into design, a design appealing directly to the urban human being of our time!                                                                


Veronika Seim Bech    Kjeld Malthe-Bruun